Lingua ● Lana ● Flora ● Fauna

Lingua. This literally means tongue, but also refers to language, as in mother tongue (native language). I work in applied linguistics, i.e. TEFL. Sometimes I make language observations or write fiction here. On Saturdays, I take a Gaeilge (Irish) language class.

Lana. Lana is a Latin (and Spanish) word meaning wool. I knit. A lot. Click on the Lana tab to learn more or follow me on Instagram. All patterns are available on Ravelry.

Flora and Fauna. (Latin: flowers/plants and animals) Most of my photography is directly connected to my love for the natural world, specifically trees. You’ll see my latest photos on Instagram.

Nature + Knitting.

At the time I began knitting, about 16 years ago, I also began intensely looking to the natural world for a connection to something larger than myself. I found that the visual art in my fiber creations and the visual art in my nature photographs gave me equal joy. You will find them woven together here. Nature + Knitting.

Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.” So I knit and take nature photos whenever I can. Sometimes I take a break for herbal tea or a walk with the dog.

Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention. 
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.

― Mary Oliver

Most photos are from Northern Illinois/Chicagoland. You can find the nature photos on Instagram and the knitting patterns on my Ravelry page. Feel free to use the Contact page for any inquiries about my work.

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