A moment of precogKNITion

An Fhómhair / Autumn Shawl

Yes, I can see into the future. I see yak, wool, and nylon yarn seamlessly forming into a wonderful new shawlette.

The only problem is that I am pushing myself to finish the shawl currently on my needles, my WIP (Work in Progress).

An Fhómhair / Autumn is a new shawl that I am finishing and hoping to release as a pattern by the end of the month. I’m very excited to wear this soft, lightweight shawl in pumpkin shades as the leaves begin to change.

So why am I dreaming of my next project? Why am I envisioning the pattern, the needle size, the dreamy yak/merino blend that feels like heaven?

It’s because I have precogKNITion. We knitters have the ability to see into the future and know what project we will cast on before the current one is finished.

Unfinished Objects (UFOs) are the bane of every knitter’s collection. But I think they are a gift. We are so creative and so excited about our craft that we can’t wait to start the next amazing adventure. Yes, we should enjoy the moment and be mindful with each stitch that ends a project. But we can also be excited by the thrill of the next project.

Yarns pictured are from
and Wicked Ewe Fiber Arts

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