I Stand With Ravelry

We live in a time when Sanata merges the musical influences of Africa and Spain with his own unique sound.

But we also live in a time when Latinx refugee children are locked in cages, on our own soil, without beds or soap.

We live in a time when the POTUS openly brags about assaulting women.

But we also live in a time when we have the most diverse Congress (with the most females) ever.

This week, the crafting social site Ravelry took a stand against white supremacy. You can read their policy or the NY Times story on the issue. Needless to say, I support Ravelry. I stand with Ravelry.

I quite often don’t know where to begin, feeling so overwhelmed by the attacks on women’s rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, and environmental rights. We live in a time when diversity, integrity, and democracy are under attack. Even facts and truth seem to flitter off with the slightest breeze. But we also live in a time when a small(ish) site like Ravelry takes a huge stand.

We have a choice. We wallow in pain, anger, and disappointment or we be the change we want to see. Ravelry, thank you for the example.

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